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Ok Kids let's play some detective games, for the next few weeks I will add a new game and you will email me and let me know how you made out.



Atlantis, a lost civilization?

In about 360 B.C. the Greek philosopher Plato wrote about the city of Atlantis and its destruction. People thought it was just a nice story until the 1800s, when a scholar announced that the city might actually have existed. People have been trying to find it ever since. Was Atlantis real or not?



Dear Detectives,

The eccentric widow of the late archeologist Bartholomew Gotrox, Mrs. Dixie Gotrox, has just returned from a trip to Africa. She has returned to her home to her cat, Agnes, lounging on the front stoop with the door wide open! Mrs. Gotrox rushed directly to her bedroom to find it in a shambles. Her jewels are scattered about the room. The mounted tiger fish her husband brought back from an excursion on the Nile is crushed. Worst of all, the royal shell necklace Bartholomew discovered in a Hawaiian volcano is missing! Mrs. Gotrox is devastated. She is calling upon you, forensic experts to find the necklace.



welcome to secrets at sea



# 4

Minnesota Mysteries




Mr. Mathern's second grade class has been working on an internet project called "Minnesota Mysteries."   We brainstormed a list of special things about Minnesota.  We each chose a topic and wrote sentences to give clues about our topic.  We also collected pictures to scan or took pictures with the digital camera. The clues are below.  Choose a mystery you want to try.   After reading the clue you can click to find out the answer to the mystery.


Find a selection of four games that will test your thinking skills.



Crack the Code
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Play Rules
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Be a detective! You have 25 chances to discover the secret rule governing a natural phenomenon.

Explore! Click on the pieces in the bottom left palette to put them into your test. Click Sumbit Test to find out whether or not that particular combination of pieces satisfies the hidden rule. The test will be marked green if it does, and red if it doesn't. (You can click on a piece in a test box before it has been submitted to remove it from the test.)




Talking about animal games this is my dog Charly, if you would like to send me a picture of your pet,  You can send it to and I will post it on my animal page, make sure you give me their name.


Chapter One: Art Detective

I slapped the morning paper down on my desk as the sirens wailed outside. I wasn't surprised. This wasn't the first time the police had come to talk about one of my cases.

So when the cops arrived, I told them what I knew about the Case of Grandpa's Painting...



Solve an Estuary Mystery

Imagine that something is wrong with your local estuary. Maybe there's a sign posted on the shore that reads, "Beach Closed. No Swimming." Or maybe the local fishermen are complaining that the fish don't seem healthy and have sores on them. Or maybe there have been stories in the news about how some of the animals that live there are becoming threatened or endangered. Be a sleuth and use this page to solve an estuary mystery!

For some helpful background, go to the Common Challenges page


There are pest problems all around the world. 

Pick a case to investigate


Breakfast Detective

Welcome to the Breakfast Detective matching game! Read the clues and meet the challenge!

Check out Kids Nutrition pages to learn more about the Five Food Groups.

How to Play:

• Drag and drop the right foods to match the clues.

• If you are right, you move on to the next round.

• If you are not right, try again.

When you're finished, give yourself a pat on the back. You're a Breakfast Detective!

Click here when you are ready to play the Breakfast Detective matching game!



Here's a sight you don't see everyday—a rock that floats! How can that be?

The key to this mystery is inside the rock.

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