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On The Rocks By Reziah Women's  Fashions was launched in January 2017. The Vancouver Island designer by the name of Reziah (rhymes with Messiah or Zi for short) uses soft and flowy sari or sari-like fabric in many of her designs. Her passion for semi precious stones and crystals and soft feminine fabric drew her to fuse both hard and soft together to create a modern boho sheik look with a matching jewellery set for a complete look. With comfort at top of mind, Reziah ensures her designs are stylish and so comfortable, you will want to wear the clothing every day!  Visit Instagram @ontherocksbyreziah for more designs.



On The Rocks By Reziah presents Sophia in a black, flowy "ZiDressU" dress with burnt orange and gold sari trim. Jewelry set is yellow citrine stone, black glass and smokey quartz crystals to complete this elegant look

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